Autumn rides

Autumn rides on Grygov pond and up the river

eMogi electric kayak 360° video

Autumn rides on eMogi electric kayak in Grygov (CZ)

Help and Rescue on the water

Testing eMogi electric kayaks for use in rescue and water assistance

eMogi Electric Kayaks in Sweden

eMogi Electric Kayaks test drives in Sweden

Demonstration rides at races

International Championship of Moravia - Ostrozska Nova Ves (CZ) 28 August 2021

Kayaker Milan Krasny – coach test

An experienced kayaker and trainer Milan Krasny tested the eMogi electric kayak especially for the use of high-frequency paddling

eMogi Electric Kayak

A revolution in kayaking is approaching with our patented integrated electric drive, rudder, and remote controller on the paddle

Presenting eMogi electric kayak in Račice (CZ Championships)

Presenting new eMogi electric kayak in Račice – July – 1 August 2021, Czech Championships, short course – event IV of the Czech Youth Cup, Czech Cup 

eMogi free rides

Testing e-kayak with experienced riders

eMogi & KVSO team

Testing kayak with KVSO water sport club in Grygov (CZ)

Finishing new e-kayak

Finishing new eMogi electric kayak in 2021

eMogi electric kayak river stream

Testing our kayaks at a fairly strong current upstream on the Morava River. Great fun for 3 and half hours. It handles brilliantly!

Electric kayak eMogi lake ride

3-hour battery run and performance testing at the pond